Race Universal Flex Nozzle Dealer
Race Universal Flex Nozzle Dealer
Race Universal Flex Nozzle Dealer
Race Universal Flex Nozzle Dealer
Race Universal Flex Nozzle Dealer

Race Universal Flex Nozzle Dealer

Regular price $437.50

Dealer packs are sold by the case.

25ea nozzles to each case.

Our Race UFN (Universal Flex Nozzle) helps you transfer liquids easily! Time to throw away those incredibly slow nozzles that leak. Our UFN is the answer to all your refueling problems. This sleek design is built to fit the Race Utility Jug's original cap with a 3/4" NPT thread with no adjustments needed. Our 14" flexible spout enables easy pouring at any angle to the tank without spills and can withstand temperatures down to -40°.

Specs on the Race Nozzle tip: 

  • 1.25" Outside Diameter

  • 1" Internal Diameter

If you are needing your Race Nozzle to fit into smaller spaces, you will need our UFN Spout Adapter, found HERE.

Fits many types of utility jugs:

  • VP
  • LC
  • Scribner
  • Sunoco
  • Tuff 
  • Jegs
  • Risk
  • And more!

Our high-quality VP fuel can spout, the Race UFN, makes transferring liquids much easier. It is ideal for use with VP racing fuel jugs and similar types of containers. The Race UFN is intended to replace the spouts found on VP containers and other brands named above.

The Universal Flex Nozzle is a rapid refueling device to be used on containers with capacities greater than or equal to four gallons. They are designed for use in officially sanctioned off-highway motorcycle competitions.

We do not recommend modifying any container from the way it was originally manufactured. MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT REMOVE ANY FLAME SAFETY DEVICES PROVIDED BY THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER.

Kit includes:

  • 1 qty - 14" Flexible Spout Assembly
  • 1 qty - UFN Identifier Cap - Standard (engraved caps sold separately)

About Ai13 Race Gas Can Spout

At Ai13, we understand that motorsport enthusiasts have specialized needs. Off-road motorcycle racers rely heavily on their VP jugs that are made from virgin high-density polyethylene and have been subjected to a strict 15-point quality test to ensure their dependability as portable fuel containers. The Race UFN is the ideal accessory for those who need a VP racing hose they can trust.

In an off-highway race, you can’t afford to waste time while refueling your tank. This is the kind of sport where the difference between winning and losing is sometimes a matter of seconds. A mishap with refueling, even a brief one, could easily spell disaster for your chances in the race. That’s why many serious racers spend a lot of time practicing with their VP gas can spouts and figuring out how to get fuel to flow in a smooth and quick way into the tank.

If you want to reduce your refueling times, try out the Race UFN. It's basically a high-grade VP fuel hose that attaches securely to the container, resulting in a smooth transfer of fuel. The Race UFN can literally empty a five-gallon container within 60 seconds. And it’s not hard to learn how to use these devices, so you’ll be ready for race day in no time. This is the sort of simple yet extremely handy product that can give you the edge in a tough competition.

Those aren’t the only reasons to choose the Race UFN. This VP racing fuel can spout has several other features you can appreciate:

Made in America - While there are plenty of sketchy merchandise out there that come from overseas, we're proud to say that our products are created right here in the U.S.A.

Very durable - Our nozzle fittings are made out of high-quality aluminum rather than cheap plastic, and they will not easily break, leak, or spill.

Easy to use - We’ve designed the Race UFN, as well as our other products, to be as simple and stress-free as possible.

About Ai13

The team behind Ai13 draws upon years of experience in the oil and gas industry to create the kinds of world-class products that customers can rely on for years. Like so many people, Ai13 owner Troy Beckstead found himself in a difficult financial situation when the COVID-19 lockdowns ravaged the economy. As a result, he was forced to find another way of putting food on the table.

Having long been frustrated by low-quality gas nozzles, Troy decided that the time was right to bring a new type of refueling aid to the marketplace. That led him to invent the Universal Flex Nozzle—a simple, inexpensive, yet highly effective product. This revolutionary device is available through the Ai13 website, along with a number of other nozzles, caps, and related items for consumer use.

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