How to Safely Store Gasoline in Gas Cans at Home

Storing gasoline at home is a convenient way to be able to quickly refuel your gas-powered vehicles and equipment—but if not stored correctly, you could be putting yourself and others at risk. Here we’ll cover what you need to know about how to safely store gasoline at home. Let’s start with choosing the right gas can.

Select the Right Gasoline Storage Container

Gas can spouts & nozzles

First and foremost—never store any type of flammable liquid (i.e., gasoline, kerosene, diesel) in any other container than one that is designated for that specific fuel type. That means do not use milk jugs, glass jars, coffee cans, etc. They are not safe to store any amount of fuel.

When it comes to container material, in general, you have two options—metal or plastic. Both materials work well as portable containers—ranging in capacity from 1 to 5 gallons. You can’t go wrong with either material, but weigh the following differences when deciding which one better meets your needs.

Metal gas cans are more durable, making them more likely to outlast their plastic counterparts. Plastic gas cans, on the other hand, are lighter and cost less than metal cans. If you don’t need to transport fuel often, a long-lasting metal container may work best for you. If you’re taking your ATV out most weekends, a lightweight plastic container may be ideal.

You can find gas cans at gas stations, home improvement stores, auto parts stores, and big-box retailers. Verify on the actual container that it is UL Listed. This means that the container materials have been tested to ensure they meet all specific requirements for storing gasoline.

How to Enhance Safety When Storing and Using Gas Cans

One quick and affordable way to amp up the safety on your stored gas cans is to swap out the stock pour spouts and caps for aftermarket upgrades. For storing and transporting gas, a durable aluminum gas can cap will help prevent leaks and spills as well as block moisture from getting into the can. If you are storing multiple gas cans, identifier caps are the perfect solution so you never reach for the wrong can of liquid.

A high-quality universal flex nozzle provides easy pouring at any angle to prevent spills. These nozzles are also built to withstand low temperatures and repeated use without cracking or breaking.

How Much Fuel You Can Store at Home

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There may be city, county, or state ordinances and homeowner association restrictions on the amount of fuel you can store at home. If you don’t know where to check for restrictions in your area, your local fire department is a great resource to start with.

Where to Store Gas Cans

Since gasoline is a flammable liquid, you’ll need to be careful where you store the cans. These are the main requirements for a safe fuel storage location:

  • Well-ventilated and separate from the house
  • No electrical equipment present, such as a clothes dryer or space heater
  • No ignition or heat sources present, such as the pilot light on a water heater or furnace
  • Protected from the sun

If you don’t already have an outdoor storage area, such as a tool shed, tips on how to store gas cans outside your home include:

  • Building a small storage cabinet
  • Purchasing a flammable liquid storage cabinet, available through a safety equipment supplier

How Long Gas Lasts in Gasoline Storage Containers

Gasoline contains certain additives to prevent it from quickly breaking down from exposure to oxygen. Over time, the additives lose their effectiveness and the gasoline becomes unusable.

If you use old gasoline, it could cause the engine to sputter or make spark plugs misfire. Gasoline should be discarded in a safe manner after one year, unless you add a fuel stabilizer. This additive counteracts the chemical breakdown process and revitalizes the gasoline for about one year.

By using this information you can safely store gasoline at home so it’s always easily accessible. To find high-quality, American-made aftermarket pour spouts, gas can caps, and identifier caps for your fuel storage containers, please feel free to browse Ai13 Billet Products online or call (801) 203-0389 today!