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    Complete your RotoPax™ style container setup with our essential products. For the best experience, consider adding the All Metal Pax Nozzle, Pax Collar, Spout Adapter, Identifier Cap, and Pax Shipping Spacer (for Gen-2 RotoPax™ containers with FMD).

    Upgrade your black plastic collar to the durable Billet Aluminum Pax Collar, backed by a lifetime warranty. The Spout Adapter is a must-have for easy filling of vehicles with standard or capless fillers, or any opening of 1-3/8" or smaller. Opt for the Identifier Cap to protect against dirt, debris, and spills while keeping the nozzle attached securely. Enhance your RotoPax™ setup today!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: RotoPax™ does not endorse or authorize the use of any Ai13 products on any of their products. Ai13 is not affiliated, connected, associated, endorsed, or sponsored by the above-named manufacturers. They do not assume any liability for injuries caused by the use of Ai13 products. Our Pax Nozzle or any Pax products should not be considered an official RotoPax™ spout, nozzle, or replacement part.