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    Gas Can Spouts & Nozzles

    Our quick flow spouts and nozzles are the devices you need for a speedy, flawless refueling experience. Ai13 is pleased to offer several high-performance spout kits for motorists who are frustrated with low-quality gas can equipment.

    Gas cans are useful accessories for a wide range of people. Everyone from motorsports competitors to just plain average auto owners often rely on these containers to store extra fuel and refill their tanks when needed. But there’s no doubt that gas cans are sometimes annoying. Leaks spill gasoline all over the place, hoses break and become unusable, nozzles fail to produce a quick flow.

    The desire to solve these all-too-common problems was the motivation behind the creation of Ai13. This is a simple yet effective product that is excellent at preventing leaks and promoting a fast flow of fuel. Every aspect, from the secure fittings to the flexible hose, has been carefully designed and manufactured to ensure top performance.

    How does a quick flow spout work? By making the process as fast and smooth as possible. Our nozzles are designed to keep fuel from pouring into the tank in an uneven flow and spilling all over the place. They’re also good at transferring many types of gas very quickly. In fact, you can empty a five gallon gas can in 60 seconds. That’s why our nozzles are ideal for motorsports racers or anyone who just doesn’t have time—or fuel—to waste.

    There are four kits currently available through Ai13:

    • Blitz Nozzle - Made for Blitz-style gas cans. These devices can fit around 95% of five gallon cans currently available on the market.
    • Coarse Thread Nozzle - Made for the style of gas cans by Briggs & Stratton, Midwest, and Scepter.
    • Race Nozzle - Made for VP-style gas cans. Also fits LC, Sunoco, Scribner, Jegs, and Tuff cans.
    • PAX Nozzle - Made for RotoPax style gas cans. 

    If you're not certain which spout kit is right for you, please contact us and we'll help you figure it out.

    About Ai13 Nozzles

    No matter which of our kits you order, you can be assured that you're getting a high-quality product that has been carefully designed for your refueling needs. Every Ai13 product conforms to the highest standards in engineering. Here are just a handful of reasons to buy from Ai13:

    Made in the U.S. - There’s no doubt that you can find plenty of replacement spouts out there that help you pour gas, but not all of these products are alike. Many of those gas can pour spouts you see for sale on the internet originate from overseas factories with poor quality-control practices. On the other hand, all of our gas nozzles are manufactured in the United States.

    Quality materials - We also ensure that our products are made out of dependable materials. The fittings on our nozzles are aluminum, not like those plastic gas can nozzles you sometimes see. What’s more, we're so confident in these fittings that we’ve guaranteed them for life. That means Ai13’s fuel storage accessories can be trusted not to break or deteriorate under normal conditions. Our nozzles provide you with a spill-proof, stress-free experience.

    Ease of use - If you’ve ever had to struggle with transferring fuel out of a gas container, you’ll be happy to hear that our nozzles are really easy to put into action. Operating a Ai13 Nozzle on your gas can isn’t the sort of feat that requires a lot of practice. And when you’re done with it, you can just replace the cap and put it away.

    You're also invited to check out our collection of gas can caps. These are useful accessories for storing and transporting your gas cans.

    About Ai13

    Like many revolutionary products, the Ai13 Nozzles were invented out of necessity. Ai13 owner Troy Beckstead spent years designing equipment for the oil and gas industry before the COVID-19 crisis put him on a new career path. Due to the lockdowns and economic downturn, Troy suddenly found himself in tough circumstances. This led him to create Ai13 and products that would make your life easier.

    Having had personal experience struggling with poorly designed gas can nozzles, Troy understood what kinds of features his products needed to have. The result of these efforts is a world-class fast refueling product that has already earned hundreds of positive reviews online from satisfied customers.