Refuel With A No Spill Gas Can Spout | ATV, Motorboat, Lawn Mower

H1: Refuel With A No Spill Gas Can Spout

Let us introduce you to the new way of refueling machinery, with our universal, tried, and tested no-spill gas can spout. Gone are the days of trying to find the right-sized nozzle to fit your gas canister, and you can say goodbye to the frustration of leaking gas when it comes to refueling. With our innovative and logical design, we have developed the best no-spill gas nozzle to make refueling easier than ever.

H2: Stop Leaking Fuel

Gasoline prices are at an all-time low across the US, due to the on-going global pandemic and a significant change in demand, but that it doesn’t mean you should be careless when it comes to fuel. A leaking gas nozzle is not only frustrating, but it can also be dangerous too. Even though many gas nozzles and gas canisters have been upgraded to the new safer versions, many users still find it difficult to refuel with a gas can. This is often down to faulty designs that spill gasoline on the floor and all over the machine you’re trying to refuel, and this is where things can become dangerous. Let’s say you’re refueling a motorboat. Should you spill gasoline over the boat, you now have a serious fire risk on your hands. Plus, if you’re running a business and refueling a motorboat for an excursion, or you’re trying to refuel an ATV, the last thing you want is oil all over your hands and clothes, especially when you’re trying to be professional.

Unfortunately, this actually happened to a member of our team a while ago, and this annoying situation is why we decided to develop a no-spill gas spout to prevent this from happening to anyone else. Yes, there are gas nozzles currently on the market, which you can use to refuel from a can, but since they’re usually made from a low-grade plastic, we’ve realized that they simply don’t last. Breaking within two weeks, these plastic gas nozzles are just not worth it, and if you’re refueling on a regular basis, you’ll need a gas nozzle that will make refueling safe and easy.


H2: Covid_19 Rise in US Staycations

As the global pandemic continues to impact travel plans and more people make the decision to stay home this holiday season, US staycations are on the rise. With many airlines still grounded and the thought of self-isolating after an overseas trip too much to bear, Americans are starting to spend their vacations in the US, rather than venture abroad. This shift in vacation preference has paved the way for local businesses to offer experiences, activities, and trips. From motorboat excursions and speedboat rides to road trips and ATV adventures, local tourism is helping to support communities and refuel the economy.

To keep tourists happy, businesses offering boat trips, helicopter rides, ATV experiences, and other thrilling activities need to prepare for any eventuality and make sure they have enough fuel for the day. One way of doing this is to have gas cans of fuel, ready and waiting, in case you run dry and need to refuel the last minute. For a gas nozzle you can rely on, take a look at our latest no-spill designs that will make refueling any machine a breeze.

Universal no-spill gas nozzles

H2: Refuel Your ATV - UTV

ATVs or all-terrain vehicles are incredibly popular in North American and in 2017 it was reported that 1.2 million Americans owned an ATV. Whether you have an ATV adventure business, promoting thrilling experiences to locals and tourists, or you have your own vehicle, safety is paramount. To protect yourself and any guests while using ATVs, you need to make sure you are refueling the vehicles correctly, and if you’re using a gas canister to refuel, you have a high-quality gas nozzle. Our universal gas nozzles are the ideal solution if you need to refuel a vehicle, and from as little as $25, you can avoid spilling gas all over your ATV, clothes and shoes. Let’s face it, if you avoid ruining your sneakers by investing in our universal gas nozzles, you’ve already made your $25 back.

Buy a universal gas nozzle for $25 here.

H2: Refuel Your Motorboat

As travel restrictions and lockdown takes their toll on Americans across the country, the demand for motorboats, fishing boats, and yachts has increased. Taking to the open water to ironically overcome cabin fever at home, many people have decided to invest in a motorboat this year. Spreading their wings on the water,  families who have endured months at home are now enjoying the freedom of sailing.

For those new to motorboats, it’s important that the risks are taken seriously, especially if you’re sailing with children. To reduce the risk of a fire on-board, or an explosion, invest in a safe no-spill gas nozzle online. Fuel explosions on motorboats are a real concern and this can even happen when refueling at a gas station and with professional help. To prevent an unintentional spark, hold the gas nozzle firmly against the fuel fill to avoid any spills and make sure not to overfill your motorboat. For a no-spill gas nozzle that will stand the test of time and give you peace of mind, take a look at our online collection of universal gas nozzles.

Our Race Universal Flex Nozzle will help you refuel without leaks. This sleek design is built to fit the Racing Utility Jug’s original cap with no further adjustments needed. You can refuel at any angle without worrying about spilling gasoline.

H2: Refuel Your Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Covid_19 has also triggered a trend for green fingers. Gardening, planting seeds and harvesting crops have helped keep Americans occupied during the lockdown. For those of you who have a gas-powered lawnmower, you can also make your life easier by investing in a universal gas nozzle. Rather than drip gasoline on your patio or on your pristine lawn, refuel your lawn mower easily with a no-spill gas nozzle designed and developed by our team, here in America.

Rather than replicate one of the many plastic gas nozzles currently on the market, our manufacturing experts carefully analyzed why gas nozzles leak in the first place and have created a nozzle to stop this from happening. There is nothing worse than accidentally spilling gasoline on your lawnmower’s engine and making that difficult decision on whether to switch it on or not. Well, don’t you dare! This is one of the fastest ways to burn down your backyard! Many people make the mistake of trying to refuel a gas-powered lawnmower while the engine is still hot and with a bad quality gas nozzle. If you do spill gas on your lawnmower, you’ve got to let it dry completely, cool down completely, and even then consider cutting your grass the following day instead. To avoid this completely, pick up a no-spill gas nozzle from our online store today and save yourself the stress of refueling leaks.

Whether you need to refuel an ATV, a motorboat or a gas-powered lawnmower, your safety and the safety of others should be your main priority. To avoid leaking and spilling highly flammable gasoline on yourself or on the machine you’re trying to refuel, take a look at our no-spill gas nozzles. Support a US company and protect yourself with our innovative gas nozzles and gas canister accessories.

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