Ultimate All Metal PAX Bundle (Gen 1)
Ultimate All Metal PAX Bundle (Gen 1)
Ultimate All Metal PAX Bundle (Gen 1)
Ultimate All Metal PAX Bundle (Gen 1)
Ultimate All Metal PAX Bundle (Gen 1)

Ultimate All Metal PAX Bundle (Gen 1)

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This is the Ultimate PAX Bundle for your Gen 1 RotoPax container (RotoPax cans purchased before 2023). This kit includes a PAX Nozzle, PAX Replacement Cap, Standard Identifier Cap, PAX Collar, and a Spout Adapter. We guarantee this will fit all your needs! For more information about this kit, please read the dropdown description below.

We've created the ultimate PAX bundle for you! This bundle has all your needs in one, and it suitable for the Gen 1 RotoPax can (for RotoPax cans purchased before 2023). If you have a newer can and purchased it in 2023, please find our Gen 2 Bundle here.

  • PAX Nozzle: We take pride in our USA Made products and only want the best for our customers, hence the reason why we completely re-designed our PAX Nozzle without plastic. This nozzle is designed to be stored inside your container¬†(that does not have the white Flame Mitigation Device), using the Ai13 branded billet cap to seal the can when not in use.¬†It can be used with the black threaded cap that came with your RotoPax can.


  • Spout Adapter:¬†The Spout Adapter is threaded so you may use the same cap that came with your nozzle to cap it off! Adding this feature enables you to keep the Spout Adapter on your nozzle at all times. Please note, because all cars and trucks are different, we cannot guarantee it will fit inside your double flapper fuel fillers. Contact us if you have any questions.


  • Pax Collar:¬†Say goodbye to the frustration of constantly replacing flimsy plastic caps that seem to break at the most inconvenient times. The Pax Collar is here to solve that problem once and for all. Engineered with precision machining, this collar is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring a lifetime of reliable performance. We stand behind the quality of our product, which is why the Pax Collar comes with an ironclad lifetime guarantee. You can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected, and we're confident that this collar will exceed your expectations for years to come.

Kit Includes:

  • 1¬†qty Pax Nozzle Assembly
  • 1¬†qty Billet Aluminum engraved seal cap¬†
  • 1 qty Spout Adapter
  • 1 qty Identifier Cap - Standard
  • 1 qty Billet Aluminum Pax Collar

    We do not recommend modifying any container from the way it was originally manufactured. MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT REMOVE ANY FLAME SAFETY DEVICES PROVIDED BY THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER.

    If you decide to remove the Flame Mitigation Device (FMD) in order to accommodate the nozzle inside your container, it's crucial to understand that this action will create a significant gap when attempting to position the nozzle for storage at the center of the mouth of the container. This gap will result in leaks and will cause damage to the Viton gasket when storing the nozzle inside the container.

    If your intention is to modify your container for the purpose of using non-flammable liquids and you choose to remove the FMD, we recommend exploring our shipping spacer as an alternative solution. You can find the shipping spacer on our website under the "Everything Pax Tab." This spacer is specifically designed to address the issue of the gap, ensuring a proper seal and preventing any damage to the gasket.

    Click the link for more info on the Shipping Spacer: Shipping Spacer Info

    IMPORTANT NOTE: RotoPax does not endorse or authorize the use of any Ai13 products on any of their products. Ai13 is not affiliated, connected, associated, endorsed, or sponsored by the above-named manufacturers. They do not assume any liability for injuries caused by the use of Ai13 products. Our Pax Nozzle should not be considered an official RotoPax spout or nozzle replacement.

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