PAX Nozzle Replacement Cap
PAX Nozzle Replacement Cap
pax nozzle

PAX Nozzle Replacement Cap

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The PAX Nozzle Replacement Cap may be used on any PAX Fuel Containers with the stock black threaded screw cap. If storing your PAX Nozzle off your can, you will need a gasket on the cap to create a tight seal.


PAX Cap without Gasket - If using the Ai13 Replacement Cap with the nozzle stored inside the can (Ai13 or the stock nozzle), you do not need to place a Viton O-ring on the cap.

PAX Cap with Gasket - If you are using the Ai13 Replacement Cap with the nozzle stored outside the can, you will need to place a Viton O-ring on the cap to create a tight seal.


    We do not recommend modifying any container from the way it was originally manufactured. MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT REMOVE ANY FLAME SAFETY DEVICES PROVIDED BY THE ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Rotopax does not endorse or authorize the use of any Ai13 products on any of their products. Ai13 is not affiliated, connected, associated, endorsed, or sponsored by the above-named manufacturers. They do not assume any liability for injuries caused by the use of Ai13 products. Our Pax Nozzle should not be considered an official RotoPax spout or nozzle replacement.

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